Saturday, May 30, 2009

My big Catch or really lack there of!!

OK as you all know Iam on the quest this summer to catch a "damn fish". Little back story I have lived in Alaska for 40 plus years (minus the college years and the year I lived in the south) I have caught 1 yes count them 1 fish in all that time!!! And that one really doesn't even count as my buddy Bart actually caught the fish on his boat and I just reeled it in! I have caught endless amounts of Irish Lords they are NOT fish they are garbage eater's sorta like seagulls with fins! When I was around 11 my folks took us to one of the fish ponds (in Canada) were you put fish food on a pole and put it in a tank FILLED with fish each of my siblings caught over a bucket of fish I caught NONE,ZIP,ZIPPO,NOTHING!! So you see I must to catch a "damn fish" its a matter of NEED people!!

See This Salmon ?? I WANT to catch one!! At the river this morning a guy caught this right next to me!! Iam pretty sure that was MY fish!!

See the SIZE of this thing?? I bought a smoker for just a fish like this!!

This is the elusive Chair Fish I caught at the Fish Hole TWICE!! Coke Machine was MOST annoyed with me as he was carrying the chair both times!

This was my lucky pink lure ahhh not so lucky !! It is at the bottom of the Anchor River right now! BOOO and it was to pretty and FESTIVE!!

What is not Pretty is this pic of me at 5 in AM !! People 5 in THE AM !!! Hey at least my flip flops match my hoodie as iam sure this matters to the fish. YES?!!

I was a lovely morning I must say!

Here are boys chillen and fishing at the River

After fishing at the Hole out on the Spit I hopped in my car and saw this I had to post this pic as look at my freak en HAIR I call this fishen hair!! The wind at the hole was whipping last night!


  1. Ah, I share your pain! I have the same curse!! Not only have I never caught a fish in my life, but no one ever catches any fish when I am with them!!! So, I'm even worse then you as the curse infects everyone around me, as you can guess, I don't get invited to go fishing much anymore. :-( LOL

  2. I once caught a fish with my hands...chased it onto the sandbar LMAO...I HATE fishin!

  3. AkGal ~~ Man you dont infect me any worse then i am when i come to visit. LOL humm maybe we should just stick to eatting out together instead ;op ~~~ Oh Cookie Dough you BRAG and Gloat sooooo not nice! ;op I did pick up those nasty ones spawning up the lake in unalaska one summer. But i truely think they were 2 breaths from death already!I did not keep it or anything just wanted to look at it up close. I dont know why either. think it must have been a bet from Big-T.

  4. LOL - ROFL! = ) OK - We need to talk. Do you know - If you are going to fish the River don't waste your time fishing all the time, fish the incoming tide. Use spin and glow lures and/or eggs. Walk the banks when the locals are out,they know where the "hot spots" are. Walk the trail and fish the other side of the river. Women often have better "luck" fishing than you have had in the past. There actually was a study done about why women catch fish and men get skunked. It is all about biology and pheromones. While you are waiting for high tide and YOUR FISH read - "Fly Fishing Women" ; )