Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun News

I shall have my first GRANDDAUGHTER!! Iam doing a life time of happy dancing!! Ü I LOVE MY BOYS !!! come on look at them ....can they be any more ADORABLE??? my last girl baby was 18 years ago iam EXCITED for this baby!! hell it wouldn't have mattered if was a boy sooo stink-en CUTE!!! ...... So we are waiting for you HARPER!! (so LOVE THAT NAME!!  almost as good as Regan!! lol!!)........ PLUS come on check out how Allie told her hubby!!! that is the most freaken cutest thing ive EVER SAW!!

MY beautiful, dyslex, daughter ... My Daughter whooo WORKED HER ASS off just to pass a class.. my MOUTHY, SMART ASS, TAKES NO BULL SHIT DAUGHTER!!. .. Is now going to college... iam so proud of her pick of a major !! ID NEVER EVER DO IT !!!( I would end up killing people and really that's no good )
the little things they make me smile 
i HOPE she makes a difference,i hope her giant heart stays whole, i hope she wakes up every day HAPPY with her choice ! Iam PROUD of her.. sooo PROUD my heart wants to EXPLODE!!  ~~~ So for the little things lets all just GRAB those and smile!!!