Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brownies !!

Apparently I started this Blog back in June and never finished it so Here is the FUTURE GLITTER QUEEN helping me make Brownies ! insert funny comments were needed!



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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Future Glitter Queen turns 3 !!

I cant believe three years have past WOW time flys!



I mean look at this face!! If she was any cuter id DIE I tell ya!!

At her party there were a FEW water balloons

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And look what Bea brought ! Big hit! Even greater this used to belong to the Barger boys who are now 16 and 15 When TFGQ is done she will give it to Baby Siri gotta love it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hearding Cats

Hey did i mention that iam playing league Softball this summer? NO?? well good cause this post isn't about that HAW!! Actually a friend of mine asked for a little help with his daughters softball team or as he put it "Will you help me Heard Cats" Lets just say getting a group of "tweens" to settle down and do anything with some focus is like trying to Heard CATS!! ~~ I took this Picture for my friend CHI BALL !!! What land Iam I in that I didn't know they named this field after Mike ? DERRRR!!! Anyway nice sign right???!!

OK we are showing you how to line the field cause that way we can pawn it off on you next time! Oh NO wait that's NOT why its so you can learn what the white lines are for and how far away they are etc. Ya YA that's it!!

Look now she is serious about pitching this ball!!

This is my niece Playing short stop but really i think she was thinking about unicorns and flowers with a rainbow or 2 thrown in !

Hey playen ball is hard work so FOOD is in order !! I ran out to Glacier to grab a couple a burgers and well see the CUTE milkshake girl "TINK"

Awwww isn't Rosy here the cutest?? She wanted some of the burger totally shot down on that idea! Mean ole Paul.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Time Marchs on...

8Th Grade Graduation was on Friday afternoon. Was a nice Ceremony but I found my self drifting back in time. This Gym were my "baby" walks across the stage is the very same Gym that I walked in for my High School graduation. I can tell you that 17 year old girl would have LAUGHED in your face if you would have told her she would be back in Homer raising a family and 26 years later would watch her last child walk across the same stage. I looked around and spyed many of my own class mates watch their children do the same. ~ This gym were I played basketball and fouled out REPEATEDLY,Died my own special hell in gym class,buried a classmate,made out under the bleachers,Cheered my heart out and my voice,decorated,Practiced the Miss Homer Pageant wave,danced,cryed,loved and finally walked to my own future in. ~~~ Time does indeed march on and as I refocused and got my thoughts back to the STAR of the day I found myself smiling a real life HUGE HAPPY and PROUD smile! So To you Chase Crauthers welcome to your High School years may they be EVERYTHING you want and more!

Don't they all look so nervous ? I asked why weren't ya smiling he says This is SERIOUS stuff. lol OK then!

Of course the Choir sang .... They sang Graduation although Chase and some buddies tryed with great Ernest to get Robs to let them do Don't Stop Believing .. Don't ask me why something about it being a KICK ASS song.. YA NOO it isn't but what ev!!

Here is the official handshake !!

The theme of graduation was Hollywood here is were we could take pics but so dark hardly any turned out SADNESS The stars on ground had each graduates name. thought that was pretty darn cute! ~~ Poor kids still have go to school next week make up for the 2 SNOW DAYS we had... yes i am making em go. You haven't done your job as a parent if you kids don't hate ya at least once!! ;op


Kayden and Landon

Life gave me a little brother
to teach me about life.
He loves me,
Aggravates me,
and gives me strength and strife.
Thank goodness for my brother
He is as special as can be
Don't mess with my little brother
- or you'll have to mess with me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Late then Never ???

Some how April came and went with only one Blog WTF??? Lots of stuff happened too but well time keeps on ticken way to fast !!!At Any rate here are some Easter Happenings!

Hey the teens did at least boil the eggs! They were gonna color them but something about a movie,hang en,chill en it just never got done. So The "EASTER BUNNY" was getting her draw on at 4:30am Easter Sunday. Come on they are CUTE right!!!???

We of course went to the Elks Lodge for The PER's Easter Breakfast. There were so many off use we had to have a Kids table . For some crazy reason i didn't get a picture of the grown up table So ill just tell who was there Mom,Dad,Chucky,Darren,Torlend,Trish,Morgan,Julianne,Trish's mom,Me,Amos,Princess Ari,Darry,Dawn and Trigg Phew can i get a drink of water?

Amos made a SIR PRIZE visit he was at the door when I arrived. He stayed long enough to eat then back to the boat with him. Princess Ari loves Amos they eat peanuts and Cheetos together. Chucky Poo is playen with Darry's "little" Guy Mr. Magoo (Trigg)I think iam spelling that wrong ? Ugggg I better go check that out!
Darry,Dawn and Mr Magoo heee hee arnt they cute??
The Easter Bunny Arives Via Helicopter in Homer. Torlend was out to escort the Bunny in . See all the eggs on the ground. Helo didn't hit one of them .

Princess Ari in her Kuspuk and Glitter shoes getting her Egg Hunt on!! Hey its Alaska people snow happens!

I asked The Future Glitter Queen if she wanted these eggs she said Rama NO that's poop! HAAHA Not only is she cute she is smart too!!!
The moose must been having a party on the lawn cause they left piles of these every place. Even Easter Egg huntting ya gotta be hearty in Alaska!

Here is Sambo's Haul!! He ran around hugging every one all morning . such a cutie !

Mr. Magoo is ready to call it a morning . So off we all scattered to our own things. The Coke Machine and I went bowling with some friends and then chinese for dinner ,Tink and her crew went to a movie, Folks to there house,Tor and crew to his,Big D and Family to Dawns Familys for dinner, Chuck and gang to hummm i cant remember some place.... Any way it was a great day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Baby Boy .....

OK When the hell did my snugly baby become a 260 pound 14 year old foot ball player?? Who will in 2 weeks be a Freshman in high school??

He has been nicknamed BIG RIG on the football field. So I guess Coke Machine is now a thing of the past ...... He was VERY excited for this weeks Jamboree. Heck he has been wanting to play foot ball for 6 years and FINALLY this year he is able. He is the Center and played in every play ......

They played Sky view on Thursday at the old high school football field. As always it was windy,wet and cold. Seems it always was and is up there... I ha vent a clue to what the score was YES I MAY have been chatting a bit with some folks. ~ Queen Elizabeth was even up at the field getting some girl to drive her around on her kick but tricycle lol seriously that girl knows what she is doing i tell ya! Ms Terry couldn't be there she was home with the handsome Vinnie who wasn't feeling all that great.

He had a great night of football and was THRILLED with how he played. I see a very busy Fall ahead of us. Many MANY hours back at the Mariner football field !!!

And just so you don't think he has gotten all "teenagerish" on me I must Brag about how he did the Migration 5k with me. It was what I wanted for mothers day. We had a great morning together while the rest of the house slept away.... It was a great run from the fishing hole to the Light House at the beginning of the spit. I asked him if he wanted to walk back to the car he voted NO LOL !!!So He took the shuttle. I ran back witch was some what annoying as my time BACK was almost 2 minutes faster then my official run. When I got back we chilled at the fishing hole wishing we had poles. Awww soon we will be chillen at the Hole cussing cause we cant get a fish!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Heart Run or Rama Lives threw her first 5K!!

OK kids I LIVE to tell the tale of my first 5K . So the Heart Run was on Saturday start time 9:30 over 6500 racers can ya flippen believe that??? My official Mat to Mat time was.... ya like
Iam gonna tell ya that now !! read on!! Hey like my fancy Bib here ?? hu hu do ya?Do ya?? Ü

The Shoes are Laced up and READY!! See the fancy timing Chip in the laces .Hey ya know you want one. When I was running up UAA hill I saw 4 of them crushed on the ground . I kept looking to make sure mine was attached.

I learned that this was the MOST important spot before race time!! Also my "LOVELY" sister sent me this 15 things you wouldn't wanna see running! freaking funny go peek!!

This is For all my Dawg loven friends !see I do have a heart small as it is but this guy was so studly in his heart survivor hat!

This is what the start line looked like ahead of me about 10 minutes before the race. It was so crowded that I walked at least a half a block after the start. Just a crush of people. But it was all GOOD energy. people were FIRED UP!! At this point I was hopen not to throw up. Throwing up seems to be my new nervous reflex I've noticed. Not that i have throwen up OK who cares about that ???any way what was I talking about?

The Finish Line!! here we got Kaki and Frankie crossing. The got there walk ON baby! Was kinda cool cause I kept seeing them on the course. Witch made me most happy!

Team Shoes love how no one has the same brand!! 3 outta 4 have pink Ü

At the end of the Run. See How Happy we are?? Frankie Griffin I cant Thank you ENOUGH for getting me involved and fired up over this run! You are an AMAZING and inspiring women!!

OK here is what I learned from this run
1.) Don't forget to pack running underwear a thong is really not that lovely to run in.
2.) Its ok for people to pass you at the start because you WILL pass them on the HILL!
3.)You will find yourself running with a BIG ASS smile around mile 2 that lasts to the finish line
4.) That Iam proud of 90Th place in my age group and a Mat to Mat time of 34:48 doesn't suck
5.)Oranges make for lovely smiles!!

Whats next ?? Well the Women's Run of Course!!! June 12Th be there be or be square!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

L J Crauthers !!! (ok iam giving him the LJ part)

And in the Left corner weighing in at 9 pounds 14 oz's and 22 inches long....Landon Rhyan James Tisjma "THE BEAST" Crauthers! Born at 7:05 am Saturday March 21st Soldotna Alaska . He is now sporting blue eyes like his dad but he may change to brown pools like his mommy and brother. He has lighbrown reddish hair and plenty of it.

OK here is the ONE DAY to throw out the word GRANDMA. ONE DAY!! that's it people 1!!
I only got stoped by the cops once on my way to Soldotna (57 in a 35 did not make Officer Kuhns happy but he did let me off with a warning to slow down VERY NICE!!) I tryed for a pic but i kept getting the top of his door. But really look how cute L J is!!

This picture is for his Great Grandma Karen !lord BUST out that tape NOW!! But on the bright side only one ear has it!!

Big Brother Kayden is really not that into Landon . He likes him well enough but ya he is not really that entertained by him.

Seems so wild that 22 years ago today I was sitting in the neonatal unit at Providence Hospital wondering if my new born son would even make it threw surgery. And now He is a father for the second time . Amazing !!
Congratulation's Therin Allie and Big Brother Kayden !!!