Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mish Mash

Well the Lap top is still in the Crapper, Chuk A Luck A Doo is trying to do her magic on it so we shall see. Any ways thought id better throw something up. One thing I have learned about Blogging your peeps get MOST MAD when there isnt new stuff. So here is some newish stuff!

Check out Tink, ADD girl and Bubbles . This isnt all the kids going but its who showed up for the pic.
Next spring's trip takes about 60 students and 35 adults to central Europe. They fly into Berlin and out of Munich, and visit by chartered tour bus Leipzig and Salzburg in Germany; Prague and Telc in the Czech Republic, and Vienna, Eisenstadt and Melk in Austria. A somber stop will be to the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, where 119,000 prisoners including Jews, Poles, homosexuals, gypsies and Soviet POWs were killed during World War II. The choir sings in a variety of venues, from concert halls to cathedrals.
Ok this is kinda old news but some how October got away from me! This is Tinks First year in DDF She is digging it alot!! The kids did a great job!!! EVERY ONE of them placed NICEE! They went last weeked with a team of 22 and Tink made finals so she was pretty jazzed .
In the first tournament of the year, Homer High School's DDF -- Drama, Debate and Forensics Team -- made a name for itself at South High School in Anchorage Oct. 9-10.
Eighty-four students represented Chugiak, Service, Lumen Christi, South, Dimond, Nikiski, West Anchorage, Bartlett and Homer.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

50's Night in Fairbanks!

We were in Fairbanks a couple a weeks ago for The Emblem Work Shop and Saturday night was 50's night. Was a quiet night for us as we had been bull riding the night before at Kodiak Jacks .I do believe it had another name but we started calling it that and it stuck and with my CRS Iam going with it. And yes as soon as I can I shall throw up the photos of the Glitter queen getting her Rodeo on. Hey its as close as iam getting to farm type animals I tell ya!

Dee,Pen Pen and I were the Mousekaters. See how cute and charming we CAN be. Ü

I think this back shot is cute!

Here is Homer Club 350 well at least those of us who went to Fairbanks! See Mama Fran there in the Pink Polka Dots? She had an original 50's Archie Comic Book. Was fun to read it!

Michelle from Haines can really belt out some TUNES!!

I on the other hand can NOT!!! I like to think I can but REALLY Iam BAD BAD BAD!!

Pen Pen showing some of the local Fairbanks Elks members how to get there Line Dance on! She is a pretty good teacher she even had me doing it some what right the night before . Witch all who know of my fine dancing skills will find AMAZING. Mostly Iam a booty shaker not good with steps and counting!

Are Token Malt Girl. Don't be fooled she is NOT as Sweet as she looks! ;op

Here we Candice and Sue chit chatting mostly I just wanted to show off Sues Crazy Cat lady sweater. Yes someone actually bought that thing to WEAR IN PUBLIC!! Sweet Jesus! But It did work for the 50's theme. And Iam not even gonna start with the fact that Sue had two P*%$#s and kept sharing that fact with us !!

Sue was as she put it DONE!! LOL I think we all were but we stayed until 2 in the am any way!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little late with the BOOOO!!

Ok ok so Iam a bit behind hey the lap top died a sad death and all the good pics are on it!! BOOO I say BOO!! Here a few from Halloween that I had on my camera .

This would be the Dark Fairy but for what ever reason everyone started calling me the BAD fairy humph what ev!! Had my self a great time though and even won at two different events yaaa whoooo!! i LOVE Halloween!!
Tink and Bamma getting there Halloween on at school. I think the tape on the nerd glasses says it all!

The Trick or Treaters started EARLY this year.4:00 so the herd of teens at my hours threw this sign up!! LOL I thought it was a riot!! Alas Iam easily amused!!
Hot Lips Hulahan behind the bar here whipped me up a Vampirea's Kiss with a gummy bear garnish can I just say YUM freaken YUM!!!

I was in charge of games again and you know I love me a game! This is the Plunger game ohhhh the boys were funny playing this. Seriously I was laughing so hard. Amost as much as Cheatoo head last year. Witch I still think is the best game EVER!! We also played Wrap the Mummy but those pics on the lap top BOOO!!

Here is Pen Pen enjoying her Vampirea's Kiss . "Way to smooth" she says!
Kasie and Justin as Dawg and Beth the Bounty hunters and Amanda and Dan as Kasie and Justin The Elks Er and his Lovely Wife!

Spider Women Sue testing the Blueberry Margaretta!

Me and Pen Pen before we hit the town! All in All a GREAT night of Games Dancing and Fun!!

Andys New Friend

Andys gotta new friend at the office!! Iam not saying anything but they may partner up in the future .. Just little inside dirt for ya!

Just to Short a Visit!!

The stars aligned just right this week! I FINALLY got to see Mel!! All be it not long enough!! I havent seen her in what has to be 5 years maybe more??? I was so excited poor Moose had to put up with me the entire drive to anchorage, "Saying iam so excited" and then clapping my hands. GOOBER I know but I tell ya I was!!

Me Melly and Heather at the Brew House. I finally got to meet Heather who I felt like I already knew as Mel has been talking about her since Ive knowen her. She was a good sport sharing Mel with me. I had verbal dierrea and wouldn't shut up!! hopefully I didn't offend her to much with my harsh views on crocks and fishermen. *Ü* I talked so much poor Mel couldn't get a word in or at least not much of one. Hey this is the poor women who had to deal with me when I lived in Dutch she and I put in more hours on the phone in a day then teens with unlimited texting!! I so gotta get my ass out to Dutch ASAP!!! Ok well next summer as Dutch in the winter is something I don't mind NEVER seeing again! Mel like to travel and trys to escape the island when ever possible so hopefully we can plan to see each other again SOON!!

The moose was with us poor guy!! but he wanted to stop by his old favorite bar. The Time Out Lounge . He was most offended and sad when he found out it is now a gay bar. Ohhhhh the Sadness!! The guys there were most friendly and really dug Cookie Doughes lime green scarf. LOL!! Hey and plus they up graded the women's bathroom. The Moose and I have been going to the Time Out since I had fake ID . The Moose years before that. Awww how things change!

MEL I think we have the same shoes!! lol seee your toooooooooooo FAB!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A New Nephew ~~

Meet TRYGG MICHAEL FLYUM born October 29,2009 8pds 10.7 inches

Darry and Dawn and Big Brother Sam have them self's a new bundle!! Darry is MOST proud and excited to say the least!! Dawn my under cover super hero had him at 1:12 in the afternoon and was home by 6:00 that night . And I thought I HATED hospitals! I saw her on Sunday and she looks GREAT!!! And for all of you that are wondering if he was named after Sara Pallins child the answer is NO!! (not that he not also adorable )Our Trygg is named after a relative/friend across the Bay Iam not all clear on the details as I was trying to figure out a way to get off work and sneak over to the hospital before they went home. BOOOO I didn't get to see him tell Sunday.These pics are of him at 3 days old. ~~ Iam really digging this Aunt thing get to play with them get em riled
up spoil them then LEAVE !! This is some great stuff I tell ya!!

He has some very bright blue eyes but he really doesn't enjoy light and every time my flash went off BAM eyes shut again!! Ü Another Flyum night owl perhaps?? Darry and I think he may have moms / mine and Darrys nose UGHHHH poor kid! Iam holding out hope that he will end up with Dawns cute little

On another quick not my lap top has taken its final crash dump!!
UGH !! I have some great stuff for the blog too but my pics are on it also UGH!! Ill try and get a couple quick posts up before the moose leaves on Saturday. Home for three whole days this time. Triple UGH!! Iam off to anchorage this am so hope to see ya all soon!!!