Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mish Mash

Well the Lap top is still in the Crapper, Chuk A Luck A Doo is trying to do her magic on it so we shall see. Any ways thought id better throw something up. One thing I have learned about Blogging your peeps get MOST MAD when there isnt new stuff. So here is some newish stuff!

Check out Tink, ADD girl and Bubbles . This isnt all the kids going but its who showed up for the pic.
Next spring's trip takes about 60 students and 35 adults to central Europe. They fly into Berlin and out of Munich, and visit by chartered tour bus Leipzig and Salzburg in Germany; Prague and Telc in the Czech Republic, and Vienna, Eisenstadt and Melk in Austria. A somber stop will be to the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, where 119,000 prisoners including Jews, Poles, homosexuals, gypsies and Soviet POWs were killed during World War II. The choir sings in a variety of venues, from concert halls to cathedrals.
Ok this is kinda old news but some how October got away from me! This is Tinks First year in DDF She is digging it alot!! The kids did a great job!!! EVERY ONE of them placed NICEE! They went last weeked with a team of 22 and Tink made finals so she was pretty jazzed .
In the first tournament of the year, Homer High School's DDF -- Drama, Debate and Forensics Team -- made a name for itself at South High School in Anchorage Oct. 9-10.
Eighty-four students represented Chugiak, Service, Lumen Christi, South, Dimond, Nikiski, West Anchorage, Bartlett and Homer.

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