Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just to Short a Visit!!

The stars aligned just right this week! I FINALLY got to see Mel!! All be it not long enough!! I havent seen her in what has to be 5 years maybe more??? I was so excited poor Moose had to put up with me the entire drive to anchorage, "Saying iam so excited" and then clapping my hands. GOOBER I know but I tell ya I was!!

Me Melly and Heather at the Brew House. I finally got to meet Heather who I felt like I already knew as Mel has been talking about her since Ive knowen her. She was a good sport sharing Mel with me. I had verbal dierrea and wouldn't shut up!! hopefully I didn't offend her to much with my harsh views on crocks and fishermen. *Ü* I talked so much poor Mel couldn't get a word in or at least not much of one. Hey this is the poor women who had to deal with me when I lived in Dutch she and I put in more hours on the phone in a day then teens with unlimited texting!! I so gotta get my ass out to Dutch ASAP!!! Ok well next summer as Dutch in the winter is something I don't mind NEVER seeing again! Mel like to travel and trys to escape the island when ever possible so hopefully we can plan to see each other again SOON!!

The moose was with us poor guy!! but he wanted to stop by his old favorite bar. The Time Out Lounge . He was most offended and sad when he found out it is now a gay bar. Ohhhhh the Sadness!! The guys there were most friendly and really dug Cookie Doughes lime green scarf. LOL!! Hey and plus they up graded the women's bathroom. The Moose and I have been going to the Time Out since I had fake ID . The Moose years before that. Awww how things change!

MEL I think we have the same shoes!! lol seee your toooooooooooo FAB!!!

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