Thursday, November 5, 2009

A New Nephew ~~

Meet TRYGG MICHAEL FLYUM born October 29,2009 8pds 10.7 inches

Darry and Dawn and Big Brother Sam have them self's a new bundle!! Darry is MOST proud and excited to say the least!! Dawn my under cover super hero had him at 1:12 in the afternoon and was home by 6:00 that night . And I thought I HATED hospitals! I saw her on Sunday and she looks GREAT!!! And for all of you that are wondering if he was named after Sara Pallins child the answer is NO!! (not that he not also adorable )Our Trygg is named after a relative/friend across the Bay Iam not all clear on the details as I was trying to figure out a way to get off work and sneak over to the hospital before they went home. BOOOO I didn't get to see him tell Sunday.These pics are of him at 3 days old. ~~ Iam really digging this Aunt thing get to play with them get em riled
up spoil them then LEAVE !! This is some great stuff I tell ya!!

He has some very bright blue eyes but he really doesn't enjoy light and every time my flash went off BAM eyes shut again!! Ü Another Flyum night owl perhaps?? Darry and I think he may have moms / mine and Darrys nose UGHHHH poor kid! Iam holding out hope that he will end up with Dawns cute little

On another quick not my lap top has taken its final crash dump!!
UGH !! I have some great stuff for the blog too but my pics are on it also UGH!! Ill try and get a couple quick posts up before the moose leaves on Saturday. Home for three whole days this time. Triple UGH!! Iam off to anchorage this am so hope to see ya all soon!!!


  1. He's adorable...and GREAT seeing you guys last night ...need more Glitter Queen time, I am loosing my fabulousness.....

  2. Cookie you can never loose your fabulousness!! your the best!! Pretty damn great seeing you again!! far to LONG!!