Sunday, November 8, 2009

50's Night in Fairbanks!

We were in Fairbanks a couple a weeks ago for The Emblem Work Shop and Saturday night was 50's night. Was a quiet night for us as we had been bull riding the night before at Kodiak Jacks .I do believe it had another name but we started calling it that and it stuck and with my CRS Iam going with it. And yes as soon as I can I shall throw up the photos of the Glitter queen getting her Rodeo on. Hey its as close as iam getting to farm type animals I tell ya!

Dee,Pen Pen and I were the Mousekaters. See how cute and charming we CAN be. Ü

I think this back shot is cute!

Here is Homer Club 350 well at least those of us who went to Fairbanks! See Mama Fran there in the Pink Polka Dots? She had an original 50's Archie Comic Book. Was fun to read it!

Michelle from Haines can really belt out some TUNES!!

I on the other hand can NOT!!! I like to think I can but REALLY Iam BAD BAD BAD!!

Pen Pen showing some of the local Fairbanks Elks members how to get there Line Dance on! She is a pretty good teacher she even had me doing it some what right the night before . Witch all who know of my fine dancing skills will find AMAZING. Mostly Iam a booty shaker not good with steps and counting!

Are Token Malt Girl. Don't be fooled she is NOT as Sweet as she looks! ;op

Here we Candice and Sue chit chatting mostly I just wanted to show off Sues Crazy Cat lady sweater. Yes someone actually bought that thing to WEAR IN PUBLIC!! Sweet Jesus! But It did work for the 50's theme. And Iam not even gonna start with the fact that Sue had two P*%$#s and kept sharing that fact with us !!

Sue was as she put it DONE!! LOL I think we all were but we stayed until 2 in the am any way!

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