Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little late with the BOOOO!!

Ok ok so Iam a bit behind hey the lap top died a sad death and all the good pics are on it!! BOOO I say BOO!! Here a few from Halloween that I had on my camera .

This would be the Dark Fairy but for what ever reason everyone started calling me the BAD fairy humph what ev!! Had my self a great time though and even won at two different events yaaa whoooo!! i LOVE Halloween!!
Tink and Bamma getting there Halloween on at school. I think the tape on the nerd glasses says it all!

The Trick or Treaters started EARLY this year.4:00 so the herd of teens at my hours threw this sign up!! LOL I thought it was a riot!! Alas Iam easily amused!!
Hot Lips Hulahan behind the bar here whipped me up a Vampirea's Kiss with a gummy bear garnish can I just say YUM freaken YUM!!!

I was in charge of games again and you know I love me a game! This is the Plunger game ohhhh the boys were funny playing this. Seriously I was laughing so hard. Amost as much as Cheatoo head last year. Witch I still think is the best game EVER!! We also played Wrap the Mummy but those pics on the lap top BOOO!!

Here is Pen Pen enjoying her Vampirea's Kiss . "Way to smooth" she says!
Kasie and Justin as Dawg and Beth the Bounty hunters and Amanda and Dan as Kasie and Justin The Elks Er and his Lovely Wife!

Spider Women Sue testing the Blueberry Margaretta!

Me and Pen Pen before we hit the town! All in All a GREAT night of Games Dancing and Fun!!

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