Monday, September 21, 2009


It was Homecoming week here in Homer. And you guessed it theme was THE MOST SPECTACULAR SHOW ON EARTH!! Here is a bit of the Sophomore's Float.

Hey gotta get dressed up on Gangster day! Witch I loved, way more fun then 50's day witch we had every flipping year BORING!!

POWDER PUFF foot ball here is the Sophomore team "BIOHAZARD" playing the Juniors.

Hey since the girls were playing football the boys got to be the cheerleaders. Threw up a nice pyramid here.

Here is Tink Rocken her BioHazard jersey. Witched worked out well as it was also Neon Day. I didn't get any bonfire shots as it was also my moms B-day party that night (those pics comen later in the week!)

What you think the signs for the floats get done by magic?? Noper !!! Here is Kathy given me a hand making em. Doesn't she look thrilled?

Got the girls getting here getting their Gangster on just before the half time dance

Part one of two part dance

Boottyyyyy Pop'en here
Up ya go Tiff

Doing the Pretty Girl ~~ I missed the shots of the other stunts GRRRR!! But they did a KICK ASS job on these two dances!! Go GIRLS!!

Time for the parade!!sophomore's got second place for there kick buttness. They were on unicycles and stilts ,they had some great entertainment

Tink was the Sophomore Duchess here she is doing her Royalty lap. She got done with the dance and had to sprint over to the parade and jump on the car . lol she did have her royal wave down though;op

After the game (witch we won 78 to ZIP POOR Buccaneer's they even had the homer crowd cheering for them and we had our JV boys playing defense to try and stop the slaughter. It just wasn't there day!)I cooked up a MEGGA batch of Spaghetti for all the kids getting ready at the house. Man they can EAT I tell ya!

Had to throw up this pic of Hydro and Jemimah as Hydro is looking just to pretty!!

And here is the whole crew all fancied up!

You can dress them up but you can not take the teen out of em!! YAAAA WHOO!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weird Stuff Week

Hey peeps its Weird Stuff week. Yes really this is a day. OK its not but Iam maken it one. So here is some of the weird stuff that's been going on around here.

This here is Rhubarb Cake man! He was dished out buy Shimmer and Glitter at the 5oth Birthday party for the Elks lodge

I have been BANNED from WII bowling !! I know Right??? But my friends will not let me play with them any more. Why you say?? Cause I am the CHAMPION and hold the HIGHEST score 298 at the lodge. What EV Iam gonna have to get my own so I can play at home ;op

Tink and Bubbles HAD to have a pic with the giant bottle. Yes I did stop at 12:30 at night so they could take this pic. Rama's Taxi at your service!

Since they are mean and wont let me bowl (sore loser's ) I've been playing pool. As you can see I hit the cue ball and this is wear it landed. Obviously I wont be banned from pool any time soon! Sweet shot tho !

These are my new KICK ASS shoes! Freaking LOVE LOVE!! Big T tried to get me to trade with him but I just wasn't feeling his brown work boots .

So I was tired of looking at Capt Andy's feet all summer so I set him up. He hangs out with me at work and when Iam in the office alone we do alot of chatting. He is such a good listener. We will be having more pics with Andy later cause Ive been having fun with him for weeks. Ü

I got one of the sample bottles of Capt Johnathon's Bloody Mary Mix. Hey they need testers you know!! Next Iam getting some of Russel's "Newberry" Wine Check it out here

Friday, September 4, 2009

She LEFT US!! but not with out some BLING!

It is a SAD SAD Day in our land!! The world's best,funnest,and most favorite bartender as abandon ship !! Kentoria is leaving us !!! What are we to DO with our sorrow??!!! Well have a Good bye party of course!! Ü Hey one last time of " try this", " I NEED lemons and limes" Wine ya got my wine? ~~ She always has a smile on her face and this We shall miss most of all!!
Kentoria is the cute little red head in the middle in the hat WITH a Crown on it! We would have all Had tears and frowns but Kentoria Had made MANY a Bling Martini and so we were happy!! Even if this was her last night!

Kathy me an Dee are enjoying are Bling Martinis out on the Deck. Hey these baby's have FRESH raspberry's in em. By fresh I mean we picked them from the back Yard of the Lodge moments before they were made Ü

Queen Bea her self enjoy en some BLiNG! The Bling had another name but we didn't like it so BLING it became! Why ???? A Vodka Martini with peach schnapps and champagne what else would you call it??

Why the hats ? Why not!! ok ok hats because i gotta NEW CROWN for my birthday (thank you Chucky!)and I wanted to wear it.So funky head gear night it was!! Now Chucky here is ROCKEN her pirate hat!

Kathy girl is bringing back her Billie Idol sneer!

We "MAY" have run into a bachelorete party later in the evening. And we had a bit to much fun with the "props" ~~