Friday, September 4, 2009

She LEFT US!! but not with out some BLING!

It is a SAD SAD Day in our land!! The world's best,funnest,and most favorite bartender as abandon ship !! Kentoria is leaving us !!! What are we to DO with our sorrow??!!! Well have a Good bye party of course!! Ü Hey one last time of " try this", " I NEED lemons and limes" Wine ya got my wine? ~~ She always has a smile on her face and this We shall miss most of all!!
Kentoria is the cute little red head in the middle in the hat WITH a Crown on it! We would have all Had tears and frowns but Kentoria Had made MANY a Bling Martini and so we were happy!! Even if this was her last night!

Kathy me an Dee are enjoying are Bling Martinis out on the Deck. Hey these baby's have FRESH raspberry's in em. By fresh I mean we picked them from the back Yard of the Lodge moments before they were made Ü

Queen Bea her self enjoy en some BLiNG! The Bling had another name but we didn't like it so BLING it became! Why ???? A Vodka Martini with peach schnapps and champagne what else would you call it??

Why the hats ? Why not!! ok ok hats because i gotta NEW CROWN for my birthday (thank you Chucky!)and I wanted to wear it.So funky head gear night it was!! Now Chucky here is ROCKEN her pirate hat!

Kathy girl is bringing back her Billie Idol sneer!

We "MAY" have run into a bachelorete party later in the evening. And we had a bit to much fun with the "props" ~~

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