Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weird Stuff Week

Hey peeps its Weird Stuff week. Yes really this is a day. OK its not but Iam maken it one. So here is some of the weird stuff that's been going on around here.

This here is Rhubarb Cake man! He was dished out buy Shimmer and Glitter at the 5oth Birthday party for the Elks lodge

I have been BANNED from WII bowling !! I know Right??? But my friends will not let me play with them any more. Why you say?? Cause I am the CHAMPION and hold the HIGHEST score 298 at the lodge. What EV Iam gonna have to get my own so I can play at home ;op

Tink and Bubbles HAD to have a pic with the giant bottle. Yes I did stop at 12:30 at night so they could take this pic. Rama's Taxi at your service!

Since they are mean and wont let me bowl (sore loser's ) I've been playing pool. As you can see I hit the cue ball and this is wear it landed. Obviously I wont be banned from pool any time soon! Sweet shot tho !

These are my new KICK ASS shoes! Freaking LOVE LOVE!! Big T tried to get me to trade with him but I just wasn't feeling his brown work boots .

So I was tired of looking at Capt Andy's feet all summer so I set him up. He hangs out with me at work and when Iam in the office alone we do alot of chatting. He is such a good listener. We will be having more pics with Andy later cause Ive been having fun with him for weeks. Ü

I got one of the sample bottles of Capt Johnathon's Bloody Mary Mix. Hey they need testers you know!! Next Iam getting some of Russel's "Newberry" Wine Check it out here

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  1. You found shoes that match your blog background!! They're gorgeous! Ana and I want to know when you're coming to visit?!?!!!??!!?!?