Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun with Captian Andy !

As ya all know Ive had Andy in the office all summer and had finally set him free a few weeks ago. But what you don't know is that Ive had visitor's and they wanna bond with Andy too. Ive caught a few on film So I thought id share Ü

Hey Even Andy got in the Act !!! He had a good chuckle over it. Oh I GOTTA tell you this story! (yes it relates i swear) OK So a delivery guy comes to deliver a load of books ,shirts etc for the Time Bandit Store and we were all out to lunch. So He takes the boxes to the Spit and tells Lou Hey those people at the office were so rude, I saw that guy with the cowboy hat in there and he would NOT answer the door!! Lou tells him "that's a cardboard cut out" the guys DIES of embarrassment!!And says he isn't telling ANYBODY . BAHHHH HAAAA!! Hey But I am!! So now Andy also doubles as a Security Guard! Ya know in case that whole "King Crab Fisherman" thing doesn't work out....

Big John was in doing some last minute stuff before they left for Dutch and just HAD to have a pic too. "This is the ONLY time Andy will be taller then me!" John is a Nice guy with a great sense of hummer. He makes me laugh... Hey John how are those burritos treating ya?? :op

I did NOT give Andy the earring!! That would have been Johnathon who thought his "BrAtha" NEEDED it.( Hey when you get 3 of the Hillstrands in one room there is a LOT of "BrAtha"ing being said!!)Took Andy 2 days to spot it ....I left it thinking it was kinda pirate'ish

The "Crew" drooped by during Homecoming week and took a couple pics with Andy too.

This is Andy's Halloween Costume , Hey I work with what I have around the office don't judge ;op Although Johnathon was pretty funny running around the office wearing the ears. Don't ask why we have 3 sets of Mickey ears laying around the office you see why later when i get back from Fairbanks

Time Bandit while Eddie was "babysitting" while in its home port of Homer~~~Safe travels boys!! Be safe and slay'em .I of course will take very good care of "Andy" for you! For those of you looking for more Deadliest Catch info on the boats go check out CB on Dutch Harbor Dirt a fun blog from a Dutch/Unalaska new comer . Well not that new any more as he is coming up on is one year arrival to Dutch.
Oh and for the record PHILL is my main man !!still most bummed i missed seeing him at the state fair! BOO!! Why Phill??? cause he reminds me of my dad when we worked on his boat. Anyone who worked on ANY of dads boats will SOOOOOOOOO know what iam talking about! Insert evil laughter here!! baaaaa bhaaaaa


  1. LMAO!! GREAT post!!
    Why are in in the "lovely" Fairbanks??? I NEVER get to go anywhere :)

  2. Its a good thing your far away id have ta smack up side the head . "I never get to anywhere " girl LOL!!!! Iam going to Fairbanks on wes for 5 days emblem stuff aka PARTYYYY ;op