Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its a BOY !!

Well iam gonna be a G-ma again !! Dont even freaken say it people, hell dont even think it!!! Iam FAR to young to be a 2 time granny I tell ya!! I know, I know I look far to young too! ;op At any rate we ok Me, Tink and Brownie Girl were SO hoping for a GIRL. The Boys are far out numbering us!! 2 flipping girls is all we have around here one is almost 16 and one is 2!! WHAT THE!!! THANK GAWD the Mooses prediction didnt happen he wanted TWiN BOYS LORDY!!! So he is Due around March 15th witch is some what cool as My sisters b-day is the 15th and my sons is on March 20th so either one of those days would be groovy. He would be in good Company!!! Ok now I gotta think of a festive name to call him tell he gets here. Hummmmm this may take me a few................. Congrats to Boon Brownie Girl and future Big Brother Monkey Boy!!!

The 3 D songrams a freaken COOL i tell ya!!


  1. aww congrats! Too bad you didn't get the girl.. I could see it now... you'd have the baby girl up to her elbows in glitter just as soon as she could sit up on her own! LOL

  2. YOUUUUUUUU so KNOW it!!!! Man I had a plan i tell ya!! ;op I even had a blog name picked out and everything. lol

  3. ahhhhhhhh how did I miss this?? Very cool. But isn't Boon a skinny little 13 year old still??
    My gawd, time goes tooooo fast!!

  4. Boon is a skinny 21 year old who has been married three years crap maybe four ...time FLYS some days i swear!!