Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas all !!! I hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Holiday with your family and friends.We had a houseful at one time we had over 30 people floating around the house for dinner and the family gift exchange. We are a loud group I decided. Why I am just now figuring that out I have NO idea. Anyway after dinner and gifts some of us went for a walk. We attempted some Christmas carols but i gotta say we were PRETTY SAD. Well here is most of us. Let me just say its WAY to hard to get this many people all looking goodish at the same time!! Hey lets just go with the fact that we look SMASHING Ü

The Boon and Monkey Boy were helping the girls make sugar cookies.

Hey after you make the sugar cookies ya GOTTA test em!! I taught Monkey Boy how to dip them in milk . OH what a FINE mess we made!! yayaya US!

For the family drawing Amos got Fallins name. They are the two Sara fans in the house. You know I was barfing a little in my mouth over this one!

The Future Glitter Queen is MUCH enjoying her lip gloss she got in the exchange

Hey every one needs a pair of these babies let me tell ya what!Here is Tink Modeling hers.
Tink got Bubbles a pair of Monkey footie Jammie's .

This one is for Mod !! See still got it! Little blurry but it was hard to get a close up.

We had a train station to build "Chew Chews" need tracks!!

Hey now don't be haten on my train maken skills!!!

My friends may know me a little TOO well?? Notice the knife that says WORLDS GREATEST BOWLER!! Ya baby now I got PROOF of my skills!!

Here is Dad holding up one of my Crab Stuffed Taters. Well really he is holding it up for Randy and just rubbing in the fact that Randy didn't get to have one. HOWWWWL!!(little bit of inside joke there)

Tink sporting a Christmas Bow while her and I were making Peanut Butter Bon Bons

Here is my ridicules tree. For a size comparison that red package in the back right hand corner is a 48 inch flat screen. Why do they always look small at the store???

We were TRYING to get our self off Santa's Naughty list at the last minute! He still wasn't buying it !!!

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