Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Late then Never ???

Some how April came and went with only one Blog WTF??? Lots of stuff happened too but well time keeps on ticken way to fast !!!At Any rate here are some Easter Happenings!

Hey the teens did at least boil the eggs! They were gonna color them but something about a movie,hang en,chill en it just never got done. So The "EASTER BUNNY" was getting her draw on at 4:30am Easter Sunday. Come on they are CUTE right!!!???

We of course went to the Elks Lodge for The PER's Easter Breakfast. There were so many off use we had to have a Kids table . For some crazy reason i didn't get a picture of the grown up table So ill just tell who was there Mom,Dad,Chucky,Darren,Torlend,Trish,Morgan,Julianne,Trish's mom,Me,Amos,Princess Ari,Darry,Dawn and Trigg Phew can i get a drink of water?

Amos made a SIR PRIZE visit he was at the door when I arrived. He stayed long enough to eat then back to the boat with him. Princess Ari loves Amos they eat peanuts and Cheetos together. Chucky Poo is playen with Darry's "little" Guy Mr. Magoo (Trigg)I think iam spelling that wrong ? Ugggg I better go check that out!
Darry,Dawn and Mr Magoo heee hee arnt they cute??
The Easter Bunny Arives Via Helicopter in Homer. Torlend was out to escort the Bunny in . See all the eggs on the ground. Helo didn't hit one of them .

Princess Ari in her Kuspuk and Glitter shoes getting her Egg Hunt on!! Hey its Alaska people snow happens!

I asked The Future Glitter Queen if she wanted these eggs she said Rama NO that's poop! HAAHA Not only is she cute she is smart too!!!
The moose must been having a party on the lawn cause they left piles of these every place. Even Easter Egg huntting ya gotta be hearty in Alaska!

Here is Sambo's Haul!! He ran around hugging every one all morning . such a cutie !

Mr. Magoo is ready to call it a morning . So off we all scattered to our own things. The Coke Machine and I went bowling with some friends and then chinese for dinner ,Tink and her crew went to a movie, Folks to there house,Tor and crew to his,Big D and Family to Dawns Familys for dinner, Chuck and gang to hummm i cant remember some place.... Any way it was a great day!

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