Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Time Marchs on...

8Th Grade Graduation was on Friday afternoon. Was a nice Ceremony but I found my self drifting back in time. This Gym were my "baby" walks across the stage is the very same Gym that I walked in for my High School graduation. I can tell you that 17 year old girl would have LAUGHED in your face if you would have told her she would be back in Homer raising a family and 26 years later would watch her last child walk across the same stage. I looked around and spyed many of my own class mates watch their children do the same. ~ This gym were I played basketball and fouled out REPEATEDLY,Died my own special hell in gym class,buried a classmate,made out under the bleachers,Cheered my heart out and my voice,decorated,Practiced the Miss Homer Pageant wave,danced,cryed,loved and finally walked to my own future in. ~~~ Time does indeed march on and as I refocused and got my thoughts back to the STAR of the day I found myself smiling a real life HUGE HAPPY and PROUD smile! So To you Chase Crauthers welcome to your High School years may they be EVERYTHING you want and more!

Don't they all look so nervous ? I asked why weren't ya smiling he says This is SERIOUS stuff. lol OK then!

Of course the Choir sang .... They sang Graduation although Chase and some buddies tryed with great Ernest to get Robs to let them do Don't Stop Believing .. Don't ask me why something about it being a KICK ASS song.. YA NOO it isn't but what ev!!

Here is the official handshake !!

The theme of graduation was Hollywood here is were we could take pics but so dark hardly any turned out SADNESS The stars on ground had each graduates name. thought that was pretty darn cute! ~~ Poor kids still have go to school next week make up for the 2 SNOW DAYS we had... yes i am making em go. You haven't done your job as a parent if you kids don't hate ya at least once!! ;op


  1. How quickly they grow up. Enjoy every day even the aggravating ones, you can't go back. Love ya! Love your kids!!

  2. Thankfully the aggravating ones seem to be less and less. Ü Time does seem to have suddenly speed up on me lately.... We LOVE you too!!!