Friday, May 14, 2010

My Baby Boy .....

OK When the hell did my snugly baby become a 260 pound 14 year old foot ball player?? Who will in 2 weeks be a Freshman in high school??

He has been nicknamed BIG RIG on the football field. So I guess Coke Machine is now a thing of the past ...... He was VERY excited for this weeks Jamboree. Heck he has been wanting to play foot ball for 6 years and FINALLY this year he is able. He is the Center and played in every play ......

They played Sky view on Thursday at the old high school football field. As always it was windy,wet and cold. Seems it always was and is up there... I ha vent a clue to what the score was YES I MAY have been chatting a bit with some folks. ~ Queen Elizabeth was even up at the field getting some girl to drive her around on her kick but tricycle lol seriously that girl knows what she is doing i tell ya! Ms Terry couldn't be there she was home with the handsome Vinnie who wasn't feeling all that great.

He had a great night of football and was THRILLED with how he played. I see a very busy Fall ahead of us. Many MANY hours back at the Mariner football field !!!

And just so you don't think he has gotten all "teenagerish" on me I must Brag about how he did the Migration 5k with me. It was what I wanted for mothers day. We had a great morning together while the rest of the house slept away.... It was a great run from the fishing hole to the Light House at the beginning of the spit. I asked him if he wanted to walk back to the car he voted NO LOL !!!So He took the shuttle. I ran back witch was some what annoying as my time BACK was almost 2 minutes faster then my official run. When I got back we chilled at the fishing hole wishing we had poles. Awww soon we will be chillen at the Hole cussing cause we cant get a fish!!

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