Monday, April 26, 2010

Heart Run or Rama Lives threw her first 5K!!

OK kids I LIVE to tell the tale of my first 5K . So the Heart Run was on Saturday start time 9:30 over 6500 racers can ya flippen believe that??? My official Mat to Mat time was.... ya like
Iam gonna tell ya that now !! read on!! Hey like my fancy Bib here ?? hu hu do ya?Do ya?? Ü

The Shoes are Laced up and READY!! See the fancy timing Chip in the laces .Hey ya know you want one. When I was running up UAA hill I saw 4 of them crushed on the ground . I kept looking to make sure mine was attached.

I learned that this was the MOST important spot before race time!! Also my "LOVELY" sister sent me this 15 things you wouldn't wanna see running! freaking funny go peek!!

This is For all my Dawg loven friends !see I do have a heart small as it is but this guy was so studly in his heart survivor hat!

This is what the start line looked like ahead of me about 10 minutes before the race. It was so crowded that I walked at least a half a block after the start. Just a crush of people. But it was all GOOD energy. people were FIRED UP!! At this point I was hopen not to throw up. Throwing up seems to be my new nervous reflex I've noticed. Not that i have throwen up OK who cares about that ???any way what was I talking about?

The Finish Line!! here we got Kaki and Frankie crossing. The got there walk ON baby! Was kinda cool cause I kept seeing them on the course. Witch made me most happy!

Team Shoes love how no one has the same brand!! 3 outta 4 have pink Ü

At the end of the Run. See How Happy we are?? Frankie Griffin I cant Thank you ENOUGH for getting me involved and fired up over this run! You are an AMAZING and inspiring women!!

OK here is what I learned from this run
1.) Don't forget to pack running underwear a thong is really not that lovely to run in.
2.) Its ok for people to pass you at the start because you WILL pass them on the HILL!
3.)You will find yourself running with a BIG ASS smile around mile 2 that lasts to the finish line
4.) That Iam proud of 90Th place in my age group and a Mat to Mat time of 34:48 doesn't suck
5.)Oranges make for lovely smiles!!

Whats next ?? Well the Women's Run of Course!!! June 12Th be there be or be square!!!

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