Sunday, March 21, 2010

L J Crauthers !!! (ok iam giving him the LJ part)

And in the Left corner weighing in at 9 pounds 14 oz's and 22 inches long....Landon Rhyan James Tisjma "THE BEAST" Crauthers! Born at 7:05 am Saturday March 21st Soldotna Alaska . He is now sporting blue eyes like his dad but he may change to brown pools like his mommy and brother. He has lighbrown reddish hair and plenty of it.

OK here is the ONE DAY to throw out the word GRANDMA. ONE DAY!! that's it people 1!!
I only got stoped by the cops once on my way to Soldotna (57 in a 35 did not make Officer Kuhns happy but he did let me off with a warning to slow down VERY NICE!!) I tryed for a pic but i kept getting the top of his door. But really look how cute L J is!!

This picture is for his Great Grandma Karen !lord BUST out that tape NOW!! But on the bright side only one ear has it!!

Big Brother Kayden is really not that into Landon . He likes him well enough but ya he is not really that entertained by him.

Seems so wild that 22 years ago today I was sitting in the neonatal unit at Providence Hospital wondering if my new born son would even make it threw surgery. And now He is a father for the second time . Amazing !!
Congratulation's Therin Allie and Big Brother Kayden !!!

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