Saturday, March 6, 2010


Homer had a real live SNOW DAY!! School Canceled and everything!! In all my years in Homer I NEVER remember school be canceled for snow. And since
I couldn't get outta my driveway work was canceled too!!Yeeeh hawwww So here is a little of what we did on our snow day...

We opened the door to this.Coke Machine went to clear of my car so I could go to work .. Huuu Ya I did NOT go to work. This was some deep heavy sticky snow and my Trooper was just not feeling it!
The Coke Machine made Snow Angels with me!! YAAA!! Tink was a Popper and went back to bed!! 8:00am what ev look how pretty it is out!! The key to all this is that my drive way here was down to gravel the day before ....
Coke Machine and Yoshi went to help grandpa shovel at the mall so Tink and I decided to walk to the store. hey we NEEDED a few things. Tink was concentrating on staying up right
Yahh it really didn't help. Poor girl spent most of the day this way. We stoped counting after she hit double digits!
We finally made it to Main Street. barely bruised.
The City was trying to get things plowed . Love when they have this huge divider in the middle of the road. ok I don't in fact it annoys the hell outta me most days. But since i was walking it was fun to play on.
Swung into Captain's Coffee for a 6oz quad skinny latte to warm up and spotted a new tile thought it was kinda cool.
Ok I know I shouldn't laugh but Seriously a plow truck caught on FIRE !!!
We finally made it to Safeway. Ya know I HAD to climb this thing!
YEE HAWWWWW Sandy made it!! THE MIGHTY PLOW MAN !!!Love his sun glasses he sports while plowing. I was most happy to see him arrive.

So while I was at the Bay Club getting my run on the Boys made this cool snow cave.
On Tink and I's Epic adventure to the store we rented this movie. Oh my gawd I laughed so hard!So stupid but funny!! ~~~ I went down and visited Sue but she wouldn't let me take her pic BOOOOO!! But it was a nice walk back home at 11:30 the wind had finally stop ed and there was no snow flying. YAAAA!!


  1. What a fun day!!! You guys are CRAZY and fun!! I bought that movie, but haven't watched it yet...I better do that...

  2. CD ~~ Total DUMB movie but a great way to waste a few hours on a snow day. Not as funny as Mc LOVen but close