Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day

Hey Andy NEEDED these Items to get in the St Patty's mood! And those Glasses are all the way from IRELAND via my good friend Dani. Here is Yoshi Chill'en with the Caveman and Andy WAYYYY back in October.
~OK FINALLY after MONTHS I can talk about the commercial I cant tell you how hard it is to keep stuff to yourself good lord . Now that its been filmed I thought Id share for those not in homer this little bit of info blatantly stole from the Homer Tribune

Key to the city
Though most Homer residents were completely unaware of the missing link that came to town last week, Time Bandit captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand welcomed Geico’s caveman onboard their infamous “Deadliest Catch” crabbing boat to film a commercial.
The film crew weathered some of the nastiest Homer weather in a decade, and winter storms and blizzards dumped snow and howled winds through much of the shooting.
Homer Travel Service provided some of the backdrop for shooting on Wednesday, while crews battled the elements on the deep water dock and Time Bandit deck for the rest of the shoot.
On Thursday, Homer Mayor Jim Hornaday officially welcomed the caveman to town and presented him with a key to the city. (Not Homer Travel should read All About You Salon error on reporters end)

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