Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This morning

Even the freaken Moose are UNIMPRESSED with the weather. This guy was getting his snack on at the end of my driveway this am . Only thing moving this early this am.
I parked near the bottom in hopes Id be able to get in and out of my driveway today. It worked! But the walk down the driveway was literally above my knees and to my butt in some spots. LOVELY.
Quick trip to the DMV These two took there permit tests. GOOD NEWS the roads are safe for a bit longer as neither of them made it. I suggest READING or even OPENING the book but hey that's just me.
What don't you listen to the police reports he asked ME NO why ? Cause your not supposed to be driving unless its an emergency. UHHHH 6oz Quad skinny Latte is a freaken EMERGENCY to me damn it!! ~~ Love this guy he is a riot every morning. Plus how can ya not smile when he says "Go get'em sister"
Right now everyone is crashed on the couches and we are watching BAD movies. Oh and iam having a thrilling time doing laundry oh JOY of JOYS!


  1. You're so silly Rama...I drove out in the weather at 8am in a rental car to get a chemical peel!! Is that any worse than going out for a coffee???

  2. OMG LOL that is Mel Pookie Dough not Heather...I'm on her laptop. She has disappeared --maybe napping or cleaning? She's never disappeared on me in 25 years LMAO

  3. Dude sad thing is i was on my way to the gym!! and they turned me AWAY cause they CLOSED the road. LOL So iam like WHATEV guess ill get coffee movies oh and hey lets stop at the DMV since we are all out any way. Iam so damn sick of winter UGH!! ~~~ Hey I think I may know were hethykins went!! ;op

  4. Hethykins was snoozing (heheh...I didn't quiz her too much, but I THINK she was just tired)
    I haven't had a chance to work out since Jr arrived....getting VERY irritable between that and trying to get home.