Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Homer 350 turns 50

The Homer Emblem Club turned 50 in March. Here I am next to a pic of the first group of officers. Check out what they are wearing WHO knew you could even get those kinda dresses in Homer 50 years ago!

Dee and I waiting for the girls to come up. Well we were HELPING Char put out salads and stuff i SWEAR!!

3 of our original Charter members Tepa Rogers ,Fran Cronion and I forgot the last Lady's name EKKK!! But I do know that Fran like a Martini straight up and don't forget to make sure its cold!! (lol yes I played cocktail waitress for a bit)

Shhhhh Penny says or never mind lets go with SHHHHHHH
Our 2010 Club President oh and my gum nice right?? EYE ROLL!!
YEEE HAWWWW the KRAP sisters won at pull tabs! Ü

The 2009 President MOST happy its over !! Penny and I just look insane but hey WHAT EV!! Iam SOOOO blaming the photographer ya ya that it!

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