Friday, March 19, 2010

Fat Chicks Can Run !!! 102.32 miles SNAP!

I FREAKEN DID IT !!! Broke the 100 mile mark today!!! 71 runs 102.32 MILES!! I ran 4.13 miles today!!! and the kicker ?? I could have ran more !!can you freaken believe that?? I didn't.because i need to run tomorrow. my off day isn't till monday. I have learned that you MUST take the off day !!in the long run you run better and injury is far less prevent. OVER Training is BAD who knew ???? But alas my fat ass is doing one hell of a happy jig tonight!!! Get up off that chair whooot whoot!!! Ok now only 198 more to to reach my goal of 300 !!! If I can hit 300 by August i think Ill try for 400 BUT first 300 and the 10k in June. FYI Aprils 5k heart run is but just over a month away!! I feel Like this is now in my grasp !! Will hopefully get out side this weekend for my runs crossing fingers for weather!
Ok can I get a WHOOOOOT WHOOOT yayaya baby!! Doing happy dance OWWWWWW!!

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