Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend left overs ...

Coke Machine messen with the Mooses Skiff this afternoon. Kids and I went to the Spit to enjoy the sunshine and play on the beach. We ended up walking the docks instead.
Hydro and Tink sitting on the stairs to NO WERE !Ya I look insane ehhh thats ok!!
Little Salty Girls going on here ! Love how Hydro is almost as tall as the building !!
Look its my other Bro and Mr. Magooo!! lol they look so much alike in this pic!
I STILL cant belive he is a Dad of a 4 month old CRAZY !! Well it will keep him young LOL!! Me,D, and Mr Magoo enjoying Sambos birthday party on Saturday. I may should have done somthing with the hair ??

1 comment:

  1. You look GREAT! I think my boys wore little suits just like Mr favorite look :)
    Hannah Andersson? He is adorable, looks a lot like his cousins.
    I'm getting my hair done today...I might let someone take a pic of me...maybe...