Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gym View

Ok so I wanted to share with you my kick ass view from MY treadmill at the Bay Club. People need to remember this is MY treadmill and get the heck off of it when I get there. Ok Ok ill share but you can see why THIS one is my favorite. Just check out the view. Granted I am there  and gone before the sun ever comes up 5 outta the 6 days a week i go but the lights off the spit are very festive to look at also.
My Kick ass running shoes AGAIN. I just cant tell you how much I love these things so so COMFY. Worth every flipping penny i paid for them. And the Flipen Chip is a mini motivator kinda kicks your butt in gear when you feel like slacken.

This is my FAVORITE set of weights. If i could do these all day long I would . Although my legs would be mighty hulkish BOO to that as I really cant pull off the green tinge he has. Ok for those who are asking Iam now running 2.50 miles comfortably and I have ran 3 three and half with out feeling like i wanna buy a new lung. I tore my hip flexor and can I just say OWWW!! I have a darn high pain tolerance but this has me by the short hairs to say the least!! But after MANY trips to the chiropractor's office this week and some good narcotics   I got all my runs in this week but 1 . They weren't pretty but they are in the books as they say. Iam feeling like iam on track for the 5k in April. Now to all that keep asking about how much weight Ive lost here is your answer NONE ZIPPO NATTTTAA in fact Ive gained 7 pounds since Dec 12Th. Iam good with this as I didn't start running to loose weight (not that COULDNT USE it) i just want to be able to run the Spit run in June. So anything else is just a bonus. All righty so now you are all caught up with me and my running adventure!


  1. Good luck I like your shoes they look very cool. I agree about the treadmill view very scenic. I have always thought treadmills need a view for a person to have a more enjoyable workout, who wants to look at a wall or a bunch or reflections in a mirror.

  2. I HATE the reflections in the windows Thats another reason i like that treadmill the wall is in front so i dont have we myself running SCAREY!!