Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pain is Weakness leaving the Body!

Well according to this Tee Shirt it is!! The Coke Machine was voted Best Team Captain by his wrestling team mates and was awarded this Tee at Boroughs this weekend! Iam so proud of him being a good leader is HARD!! The Coke Machine had a pretty good weekend as he also won 3rd at Boroughs ! He had a "good" day of wrestling . He has qualified for state but says he isn't going. UGH he drives me crazy !! Well to be fair he only did wrestling this season so that he could get in shape for Jr High football witch starts in a month. So i guess I shouldn't whine about it! But still to pass up a bid to State GRRRRR!!

On another note I did my first outside run yesterday. Here is the beginning of my run. 9:00 am and it was LOVELY out. People its FEBUARY in ALASKA you could NEVER tell it was 40 freaken degrees out! AMAZING!!

Got my fancy shoes muddy BOO!!!Look ma i didn't die YAA WHOO!

Here is my leg on Saturday after my run. Notice how my leg only looks like 2 legs now and not 3 YAA WHOO!! But the bruising keeps creeping down my leg. its about 4 inches below my knee now. I don't know so weird!!


  1. Rama..what's up with your leg? I've never seen anything like that :( BE CAREFUL!
    I knew there was a reason to stick with the indoor cardio machines!

  2. I freaken pulled/tore the muscle in the back of my leg last week. its on the mend i tell ya and it doesnt hurt unless i try and stretch it so i stopped doing that lol!!