Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emblem LOVE !! and a injury

 Some of you will not surprised that Tink was installed into Homer Emblem Club #350 at last Thursdays meeting. I was pretty thrilled to be the Installing Marshell for her Installation. She and Hydro seemed to even kinda dig it. 

Just remember this sage piece of advise "The reward for service is more service!!" Iam very proud of you both!!

On Saturday I had a personal best day of  exercise just shy of  4 miles running some AMAZING weight lifting and 3 bouts of stretching . I came into the gym a freakin emotional mess and left feeling empowered and AWSOME on the physical and on the mental almost normal( lol well as normal as i get.) I had some plans for later in the day so ran home showered dressed and got ready to go . When I got to the event I went to sit down and the back of my leg felt tender so i was like ill just stand no biggy . When I got out of the shower Monday morning this is what my leg looked like. (yes this is my fat ass thigh what ever!! Be glad
I held down my shirt a bit so don't have be looking at my big ass too!!) Amazingly it didn't hurt so i went to palliates (Monday is my off day NO running) and Tuesday I ran my 2 miles and did arm weights. Still not really sore or anything. Wednesday afternoon my leg was on FIRE!!! and now of course its all kinds of fancy colors. I honestly don't know what the hell I did all i know is that iam not loving it today ( yes i ran today BADLY but i did it) and I took a walk tonight seems fine. So whoooo knows!!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That looks horrible!!! Maybe ice would help??