Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet 16 ?!

Tink turned 16 on January 20th ! She wanted a ZOMBIE AND PRINCESS themed party at home. How great is that?I mean when I was 16 NO WAY Id have stayed home on my birthday. I cant tell ya what me and Chi Ball did but Iam sure it was some kinda mind boggling something or other. Humm is that the birthday I was in Petersburg and my grandma made me rum cake and I bought booze for the first time?? Crap I think it is!! Ok Ok iam driffting off subject! Any how Saturday WAS SWEET 16 PARTY NIGHT!!!

Bubbles, Tink,Hydro and Jamammia before the face paint

this cake is really blackish not green and it was Ice cream cake One Tinks favs.
Dont be hatten on Jamimea's hair hydro did it SPECIAL for the Party
Check out Cup Cakes Bitchen Crown!! Bella Boo is most thrilled with it as you can see.what was left of the pintia !
Yes there were crafts!!
A Birthday toast after everyone leftHey you know you want to join her in a tasty Cricket Yum Yum give me some!

Iam sure I look better in this picture then i did 16 years ago at this time. that is a N/A Saint Paulies girl with lime in my hand .

Tink eatting Larva hey it was cheese and bacon flavor! ~~~~
Ok ok this Post is some kinda messed up but hey iam WAYYYYY to lazy to reload pics.  there are a ton more pics too ugh EPIC FAIL on my part they are on my camera and I havent uploaded it yet.  So lets just go with the flow. K??

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  1. HOW FUN!!!! Looks like everyone was a good sport. Aren't you glad when parties are over? Kid parties stress me out!! Grown-up parties...I'd have them weekly :)