Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mind blowing Post

HA HA Not really MIND BLOWING but  I couldnt think of a tittle!Ok Ok I know its been like a week since Ive blogged but seriously people Ive been spending all my time at work and the gym. Hey but I did take a picture of my NEW comfy running shoes. Coolest part of them (besides if course being pink) is they have the Nike+ chip in em! The chip will be here next week witch works out good cause that way i can break my shoes in before i calibrate the chip to my I Touch. When I get brave ill send ya the link for tracking.

Got a question for ya !!!what would ya do if your pants fell off while running on the treadmill at the gym?? Ya I know what I DID yesterday! I threw those damn things away after I DIED of embarrassment!! Whats worse is that the boy shorts I was wearing had sort of slid down under my butt cheeks so There I was pants by my knees underwear under my cheeks running in the middle of the freak-en gym!! THANK GAWD I had on a longish shirt and only one person was behind me on a an elliptical !!! I don't know if she saw or not but she was nice enough not to mention if she did!!!
Your registration has been received. You can pick up your bib number
listed below as well as t-shirts if you purchased them with this entry at
the University Center on Saturday April 17th from 2PM to 5PM, Wednesday
April 21st from 4:30PM to 7PM or on race day from 7:30AM until 9:30AM in
front of the UAA Arts Building near the starting line. We encourage you
to pick up your bibs and instructions early to save confusion on race
day. For race day directions, course map and other useful information
please visit Heat Run

Here is pic of my Desk on Thursday for your viewing pleasure! Hey now don't get all excited about it !! OK  OK well here are some pics of the kids last night we had a QUITE one for a change!

Bubbles here had been up for over 28 hours. She is still looking good while texting away.

The girls and there boyfriends playing some X-Box . This is such a chill group of teens i tell ya. Coke Machine was running around some place . Must have missed him or he was hidding from my camera!

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