Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010 !

People it is 2010 !!! Can ya believe it all ready?? What the hell ??remember when the world was gonna end in 1984?? Or that we were all gonna Party Like it was 1999?? 2010 PEEPS !!!
Check out the "Blue Moon" !! Ok granted Iam no photographer or anything but if ya look real close you can see the ring around the moon. It was so CRISP CLEAR and BRIGHT last night. BEAUTYMESS!!

Hey the Crew was READY for the New Year except for the smoked Gutta they needed for there Mind boggling good pizza they were making.

Ahhh NO kids gathering is complete with out MELLY DAWGS!!  Plate number 2

Boys were getting there X-Box live on down Stairs

Coke Machine has lost it !

A little  New Years Chatting

Awww Bubbles had Spunky's kitty

The Future Glitter Queen did NOT care about the Ball dropping. She was watching Dora. She and I were learning how to "Shake Your Bootee" and then reach for the SKY!!

Chucky Poo thought she was gonna get me all in wad by bringing 2 boxes of these over . WRONG I was so excited that I offered to watch her kids for her. I felt WAYYYYY better then her today LOL!!!

Someone in the neighborhood was setting off some KICK BUTT fireworks all night. I KEPT missing them with my Camera. BOO!!! The police kept driving by trying to find who was setting them off. Kinda like a game of hide n seek. Lots of seeking no finding YAYAYAYA!!!

Coke Machine and Yoshi getting their popper ON!!

This is what 2 boxes of those look like the next morning.

Ehhh ya well its all still out there was kinda hoping the wind might blow it all away??

A Toast for 2010 !!!! YA! YA!!!ok ok before ya all get fired up its not real Booze.

The Teens had a cool idea of writing down what they wanted to FORGET about 2009 and then after the New Years Toast,Kissing,Hugging and Fireworks they burned them. I thought that was a pretty cool idea!

OK So that was our New Years Eve I sent the last two to bed at 5:30 in the morning. They were playing WII fit LOL cant get fired up about that !!
So What is the Glitter Queens 2010 New Years Resolution you may ask??? Its NOT quitting smoking ALREADY did that been a month and a half now!! YA YA!! Hold your hats are ya ready?? Iam going to run a 10K in June!! Hey stop laughing damn it!!! BREATH BREATH already!!! Nope for real gonna do this.In fact Iam all ready in training. Yes people I actually run LOL !!! Happy New Years to you ALL!! I hope 2010 Kicks Ass!!!


  1. Melly dawgs!! We had them on Christmas Eve!!

    You're going to run a 10k?? I'm soooo impressed, I once ran a 20 years ago. That was a lot of kids to entertain, you're my hero!

  2. Gonna do the 10k in june if i survive the 5k in April LOL!!