Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Walk to Bishops Beach

Ok so today I went on a walk down to Bishops Beach. Hey the SUN was out and I had to get out in it! Any way decided to take my camera and snap a few shots on my journey for the day!

Here is shot of the Spit from between 2 houses just a bit past my house. I should have shot one off my porch dang it!

Ok I don't know what this is!! I haven't a clue why we need a bridge to some stairs to what looks like a white box. All I do know is that last summer when they built it the helicopter started flying over my house at 0600 on a Saturday and I was ANNOYED!! So if you know what the hell this is for please share!

Ok heading down the hill see that yellow orb in the sky SUNSHINE!

Here is what the Homer Theater has to offer us this week. Now don't be judgen at least they are this "year'ish" Far cry from back in the day.

The Fairy Ring Tea house is always festive! Bummer it was closed cause its SUPER cute inside! Plus you can have both  tea and wear Fairy Wings!! Cant get that just any place!!

The Hair Gallery next door , Need a hair cut ?? If you are still sporting a mullet the answer is YES!

Jose's fuel tank I think he actually paid for this graffiti . I think it looks cool .

Homer Cabins were else ya gonna get a anarondak chair ,a shovel and what looks to be a kids big wheel under a tarp. Notice not a drop of snow. Its January in Alaska people!

This is some ones house a little over half way down the hill I love all the buoy's. And the fence cut outs are whales . Come on dang it that is festive!! Plus the yellow and green you KNOW you want  as your own house colors I bet they can find this house in the darkest nights of winter!

Mermaid Cafe and Book Store, well ya know I had to throw this in just for the Mermaid Factor! Oh and hey if ya ever want a rocken Spinach Salad this is THE place to get it.

Wanna buy a Bar ?? Chips got his on the market. This is the back but I bet most of ya haven't seen the back in the DAY LIGHT!

I didn't know that Bunnell Street Gallery had turned into a ARTS CENTER but hey that's what the sign says!

Fringe looks happy at its new location. This where the book store in the Mermaid Cafe used to be. Down the stairs you go now watch your head!

See if  Id have just gone straight id have been to the beach but I turned, plus I really wasnt feeling the climb down of whats left of the bank.

Ring of Fire Meadery Ya never know when that thirst is gonna kick up on a walk!! Since Ive sworn off drinking for the year I just walked on past though.

Besides the GREAT COFFEE GODS were but a few steps away at Two Sisters Bakery! Can I just say that my 6oz Quad Skinny Latte was like a gift from heaven at this point. Although 20 plus degrees out the wind had picked up and I was getting a tad chilly!

With coffee in hand  I had made it to the promised land! See all that just  so I could sit on a piece of drift wood drink a hot beverage and enjoy a little touch of why we call Homer Home !

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  1. Beautiful...I'm looking fwd to being in Homer again this summer!!