Monday, May 11, 2009

My Muthaaa's Day

What a great day for a Mothers Day it was SUNNYYYYYY and warm even at 4:45 when I woke up. We had a day of Barbecuing eating laughing and chillen! All my kids were home even The Boon showed up later in the day. My mom and I whipped up some good eats for everyone and Torlend cooked up burgers to go with the Hawaiian Chicken and Beef Ca bobs.

The Coke Machine got these for my garden.We are gonna plant this weekend after the carnival .

Tink bought me these FESTIVE flowers and some high liters. For those not in know iam addicted to office supplies!

Here is all my siblings and folks but one Alexe had to work. We all look a bit scary but we were haven fun!~~~
My husband is out here. I could see his boat off the porch but getting pic was hard cause I couldn't see threw the view finder to much sun. Iam not even gonna whine about it

Even Cup Cake called and wished me a happy day!!

The Coke Machine after he lit the b-q.

The Future Glitter Queen and "Humpee" aka grandpa. My mom calls him grumpy and well there ya go this is TFGQ way of saying that Ü makes me giggle!

The Deck is looking a bit shabby right now. But we will plant next week and it will come ALIVE with flowers, weird plant sticks,sea shells and the the random mermaid here and there! Ü All and all a great relaxing day!


  1. Nice flowers, looks like a great mother's day! What's going on there? Is it smokey??