Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Kuspuk

See this Kuspuk the Future Glitter Queen is wearing? My friend Bea made this about 14 years ago for my Daughter.We lived in Dutch Harbor and it was the PERFECT coat for there! Since then it has been lent out to every little girl I know for use. I LOVE this coat!!!

Here is my daughter and her cousin taking some myspace pics!

Here is MZ.BEA !! The women can sew ANYTHING and FAST!!


  1. Didn't Manderzz wear that for awhile???

  2. yes she did! Ü berry picken for sure.

  3. Holy cow! We thought F was you!!
    She wants to see some pics of them..I'll show her your past posts!.

  4. I know EVERYone says that! She gets so annoyed!! They call her mini Rama or little Rama. I keep telling her it cause we are so damn cute! LOL no one wants to look like there mom .She acts like me too witch is DAMN frighting!! ~~ Coke Machine says iam supposed to tell "you guys" hi!! Ya know he still calls those mini hot dawgs with dough "Melly Dawgs"!! I make them every halloween. We always have ton of kids here then and they LOVE them.