Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dance Dance Dance

The Elks Lodge held a dance for the Jr Highers and LUCKY me was a chaperon. (ok i lie i did not feel lucky! That's probley because my mind was already in Kenai for the KRAP sisters Freedom weekend)But at any rate the kids had a GOOD time.

The Boys spontaneously put up this pyramid. Yes that is the Coke machine down there on the bottom.They also had a kick butt 11 man pyramid up but that photo wont load. BOO !! I think I may have drug
the Coke Machine too 1 to many cheer practices. As they also were doing shoulders sits while dancing.

Had to do the Limbo as they requested it. Well actually Coke Machine grabbed a floor mop and said "Hey its Limbo time" That was that and they even got Justin the ER and a few other officers to join in with them. The winners 3 boys at about a foot and half witch I thought was very GOOD!

And here we have Tink, Bubbles,Hydro,and Cup Cake who came to crash the dance at the very end. Say hi to Cup Cake as she thinks this blog needs more CUP CAKE time!!

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