Sunday, May 17, 2009

Carnival Time!

People its Carnival time in Homer. Ok granted its a pretty small one, But Hey we will take what we can get around here! These rides are really on there way to Kodiak for Crab Fest. They throw a few of them up for 3 days for us Homer folks while they wait for the ferry to get here.

The Balloon game MY FAV!! Tink and I won a monkey a SMALL monkey !

" Brownie Girl" and my grandson "Monkey Boy" were getting there train ride on. Monkey did NOT want to get off he would start having a COW the minute the ride was over. The boys loves him some trains!!

Did some one say FUNNEL CAKE?? Lord get out of there way!!

Cup Cake now is SERIOUS about her funnel cake. I don't think there was a drop of powdered sugar or chocolate syrup left!

Hey its Tink Cobs and A.D.D. girl riding the boats!

Boon and Tink waiting in line for the Squirrel Cage

Don't they look excited?
That's them up side down up top.

The Coke Machine and "Chetto" getting ready for the SIZZLER!

Jer Bear and Hydro don't they look a bit crazed??

Boon and monkey boy also taken a train ride AGAIN! If it was up to him he would still be riding on that train right now!


  1. FUN!!! I wanted to hit Crab Fest....sounds like I will be taking care of T after surgery to remove his wisdome teeth instead :(

    Chocolate on a funnel cake --OMG!? That's so rich.

  2. Man I SOOOOOOOO wanted to go to Crab Fest myself but the boss is on Vay-kay so no dice. We gotta go one year we could meet up and you could show me all I need to know about Kodiak. Ive only been there once for about 2 hours. ~~ Ya know ive never had a funnel cake. It smelled good and the way Cup Cake was licking the plate it must have been dang good! lol