Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beach'en !

It was a GORGEOUS day on Friday I could hardly stand being locked up in the office. So by 5:15 we were at the Spit. We had a yummy dinner at the Glacier Drive Inn and then too the beach for a walk !

This Guy was kicken it large!He even came all the way up to the shore line for me to take pictures. He was doing some cool wave jumps!!

Here is Chucky she is hard to get on film always ducking out of pics!!

Nancy and Sunny of the Glacier drive Inn. Two of the nicest people you will meet on the planet! I bet they never knew 25 years ago when me and my friends stole the competitions signs and took them to the Glacier Drive in that one day id be doing there payroll lol! Its the first sign of summer around here when you have your first meal at the Glacier!

Hey here we got TFGQ and Chucky strolling down the beach.

The Coke Machine hangen in the sand. Weird kid dug a hole then put his head in it. Humm I don't know 13 year olds do the weirdest things!

Tink and I lordy all my kids are taller then me now. BOOO!!

Hydro and Tink looken smashing as always!

I just love the mini prints!

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  1. Great shots! Nice weather for this time of year??? I"m going to Fairbanks today so I might get a bit of warmth? It's for probably no free time though...ummmm the real question WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP already???

    Happy Mother's Day! What are you doing? I'm taking myself and the kids to brunch...freaking boat guys never home on the holidays!