Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random left over's from the weekend!

Humm I am thinking I may do a bit to much stuff Randomly! Well maybe not as I do like to live off the cuff so to speak. Any way here are some pics from this weekend. A whole lotta WHAT EV!

The Coke Machine and I played a game of Monopoly out on the deck Sunday. Hey its Sponge Bob people get excited would ya!! Ü He kicked my butt! Not Sponge Bob !Coke Machine!

The teenage girls and my sons did some coloring on Friday and Saturday and they proudly displayed them on my fridge. Some of them were most unhappy that Hello Kitty was white so we now have Asian Kitty and African American Kitty ,a Yellow Kitty and one Purple Kitty so all the "colors would be happy!" Teenagers do the wiredest stuff. Don't tell any of them but
I think Hydro has a real future in coloring!! humm is there such a job ? She needs it cause she was one happy girl coloring ! They really are a good group of girls. Crazy but good!

Coke Machine and I planted on Sunday while the girls slept. Iam very bum'ed out cause my Big blue planter like this broke. BOOO!!

Found my wedding glasses and thought hey they'd be cool out side on the table. Just agree with me its easy'er! ;op

One of the front ledge planters I just dig the Octopus and thought ya needed to see it too! Don't ya feel fancy now??

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  1. nice! It's really summer-y there! It's freezing here today :(
    Everything is so festive --of course!
    We have that game, but I prefer the pink girl version!