Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KRAP'D Freedom weekend

Saturday we had KRAP'D FREEDOM weekend! What is KRAP you ask?? It stands for Kathy,Rama and Penny. And when Dee-Dee joins us its KRAP'D. We have been a cozy little "gang" for YEARS! It all started when Kathy and I were messing about and the song WKRP in Cincinnati came on and I said too bad we don't know any one who's name starts with W we could be WKRP and Kathy spouts out we already have K R and P that's KRAP baby! and thus the KRAP sisters were born. We have honorary members and at one point had the A in our KRAP. "AMBER" our good friend died 3 years ago. She remains our A if only in our hearts! (Love ya Joyce!!!)
So this last weekend we had Freedom weekend ,that's freedom from EVERYTHING parents,children,volunteering,work you get the picture!
It was a BEAUTY FULL weekend over 75 degrees on the 2ND of May in Alaska CRAZY!
Dee hadn't made it to Kenai yet so here is K R and P having there first Corona . Hey it was hot out !Hot equals Beer no????

Well you know if Iam there we are haven bubbles !! This one had stuck around for awhile. Must have been alot of bubbles as P's neighbors asked if she had gotten a hot tub and filled it with bubbles. Guess those bubbles were floating over to there yard! *Ü*

Well D Finally made it so that calls for another toast! Corona and Wine this time!

We played some yard games. I Lost BADLY on all of them. But that's just because those guys are CHEATERS!!BAD CHEATERS!! (OK truth is any time I loose at something I blame who ever it is for cheating ;op)

After a BB-Que,Sun,Bubbles,Tunes and games we decided that there should be DANCING!!! So I painted toe nails before we headed for some clubs, and for what ever reason thought this was a much needed photo! (humm maybe to many toasts???)Humm my pants are to long need to get higher shoes next time.

Since I was not allowed to take any face photos for the blog this weekend I thought id post this one from last month of us. D R K and on the end P ! WAY out of order as always!

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