Monday, May 25, 2009


We woke up Saturday morning and some during the night we acquired a guest. We named her R.C. (random camper) . We had a poll going as to her name and age I guessed Michelle age 20. Other guess's included ages 17-22 names raging from Kelsey to Madison. ~~~

Here she is at around 6:00 in the morning enjoying our warm fire.
The Moose thought photo's were needed. So here he his posing with RC. About an hour after this pic was taken we try ed to wake her up.It took a few times but she did finally wake up. We asked if she wanted to lay down in a tent and her response was "I know your trying to be nice right now but all I really want to do is punch you in the mouth!" Said with a HUGE grin on her face and very slurred. So She got up to act like she was leaving stumbled to the other side of my tent crawled threw its back door (keep in mind the front door was wide open and we were watching her the entire time) looked up and saw us looking at her Grins HUGELY and says "$%@* you guys "grabs the zipper shuts the front door and crawls into my bed and passes out COLD!! We were all laughing so HARD we couldn't help it!!

Doesn't she look warm and cozy here? Here phone kept ringing but I was afraid to answer it cause it was in her pocket. But we were sure someone was looking for her.
The Boon thought it was time for a photo opp also so they snapped this one, just before we woke her up again. It was almost noon by this time. She woke up sober this time and was like how did I get here?? That we could not answer for her. She was VERY thankful to us and moved along to find her car. We did get her name and age and a pic of here with her eyes open but iam not posting it. Awwww to be young and dumb again. NO THANKS !!!! Word spread quickly around the camp sites and people came to hear about RC all day long.


  1. HEHE...look at me look at me... very funny

  2. Wow! That is the funniest thing ever! Kinda sad though for her. I'd be mortified if my daughter was ever that drunk and wandering around like that. But, I could picture my husband doing this after he's had way too much to drink! LOL (CD knows what I'm talkin' about!)

  3. OMG that is WILD! How wild...nice of you guys to take care of her LMAO...