Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pop's Concert

First off lets start by saying Iam NO fan of kids music programs.Yes I go to them cause I love my children but I do it without enthusiasm and a set of ear plugs! I can barely listen to my kids sing or play music badly why would i want to listen to other peoples kids?? Hell I made my son practice his trumpet outside in the winter cause I didn't wanna hear it. (yes I know iam going to hell for speaking this truth! Its OK tho cause most of my friends will be there too!!) OK with that said the Pop's Concert on Monday KICKED ASS!! These kids were AMAZING !!! It blew my mind the talent level our little town has. Original songs written played and sung. A freaking MIND blowing reading by what I would learn later is kid that barely even talks at school. Solo's by kids that arnt even in the music program. And of course the Homer Choir that was FABULOUS! They sang a medley by Queen that was GREAT,FUNNY,FUN !!

Soprano section

Here we got the Alto's Man I have more pics with the rest of the choir but they didn't upload ill try again when i get home.

Here they are at the end singing we are the Champions and instead of lighters they used there Cell phones and the audience joined them by waving there cell phones!

Some Lovely shots before the concert in there 70's and 80's get ups. Tink, Bamma, Bubbles and Hydro !
Hydro has her tongue out as always I think she is dehydrated most of the time ;op

My most FAN-tab-U-los daughter in her stage makeup 80's finery!


  1. Very cool pics! Love the 80's wear! It SO takes me back! And, the cell phones instead of lighters?? Way cool.

  2. How fun! LOVE IT!! Love the 80s :)They look fab. The cell phone idea is hilarious

    Need fashion advice for the 70s!