Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Ok well at least around the office anyhow! This week we have flowers blooming away!
Isn't this a festive one? I got these for "Administrative Professional Extraordinaire day" Ü As soon as it warms up a bit more i will plant them outside on my deck!

This crazy plant has been blooming solidly for over a month. Since iam such the brown thumb I don't know why!! I guess they like being ignored and some water throw en at them every now and again.

Ok well this isn't a plant but the hubby sent them to me on Monday and well hell they are just festive!

Sometimes i get visitors at work . Yes I did give her that crazy fountain hair doo and the licorice smile too ;op Any way her, mom and her grandma were heading out to Fritz Creek gardens . So it does tie in with plants heheheh!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could grow plants :(

  2. lol I knew I recognized that do! I thought it was a pic of you running to the store late at night as I was scrolling down. I say that but I have nearly the same loveliness going on right now!!

  3. Bahhh my hair hasnt been long enough to do that in years! But i have a new "run around the store" hair doo its called ...yes i just threw my sun glasses on like a head band. Ya know it works most of the time except all winter when its always dark and pepole dont buy the "i was wearing sunglasses";op