Monday, May 25, 2009

Camping at the Anchor River!

We had a GREAT time camping at Anchor River this weekend. Here are just a few pics of our weekend. There will be more coming soon as we have a couple of mini story's that MUST be told....Random Camper,Dante's Inferno,Camping Crack......

Here is Yoshi the Super fishermen! He caught this beauty at the mouth of the river in his first couple of casts. By the end of the day this fish story had grown to 4 feet long and 60 pounds! We also offered up the option for those who had not caught a fish to take a pic with this fish for a SMALL fee! Ü

Here are me and the Boon enjoying the night

Its the ADD pair in a moment of stillness!

Cup Cake and Hydro in the girls tent. We had 6 tents going. It was like a Hobo encampment!

Six in the morning and we are all looken GOOOD! I have decided that Iam the pin up girl of camping. Hey stop laughing damn it!

Brownie Girl posing with the Umbrella! I LOVE this umbrella it goes on EVERY camping trip. Hey Cookie Dough recognize it??

Tink and ADD girl doing a little midnight hula hooping!

Tink and ADD girl hanging in the girls tent

Big Tor the morning of day two. We woke him up to see if he new the RANDOM CAMPER! (more on that later!)

"The Moose and I chillen !" Damn I look HOT on day 2 and half of camping and I smelled just as good!

Sumo Chuck comes out ever now and again! This is Sumo Camping Chuck!!

Here we got the "Master Fishermen" Gage, Coke Machine, ADD Boy, and Blake-a-sores

The Future Glitter
Queen sporting her Extra Toughs iam thinking we need to add glitter to them! Her and Monkey boy were "thinking" about sharing this bucket of bubbles.

This is my kick ass Campen Chili they ate it ALL not a drop left.


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun was had by all. Where was your grandson?? I don't think I saw him in the pictures. My hubby would be so jealous of that fish.. way to go! What a catch!

  2. He is with the future Glitter queen right above the chili pic!

  3. HEY!!! I lost my big TW Umbrella like that!! SAD!!! Wonder where it went??? probably in my storage.
    Manderzz says she wants 'Tink' to dress her up!

  4. I wore out the first one and got this one off e-bay last year! But cant find the bottom of the pole might have to get a third one!! I still have all the coolers that matched still use them ALL the time. there festive damn it@!!