Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WIGging Out!!

Hey so Big-T got this Wig(don't ask ) and the boys all decided to give it a try. It kinda has a Mullet type feel to it. We all know that the Mullet died a well time death for most. But some people who shall remain nameless (BOON!!) think it should make a come back! I say NO! Ehh but that's just me.

Here we got the Moose enjoying the thought of hair again! Bahhhaa hahaha.Tink says he looks a bit like Phil of Deadliest Catch. I about peed my-self cause I had thought that too!

When I got home from work Yoshi and what I thought was a girl were playing X-box. It was the Coke Machine!

Here is Tink's Charge for the summer THE SAMBONI! Aint he rock'en the wig? Hey way in the back is ADD Girl say hi!!

Here is what The Samboni looks like in real life. Isn't he the cutest?? Ive been trying to get him to sing the Lada Scrada song to my brother but so far NO DICE!


  1. LMAO so funny!!
    I want to come hang out!!
    I want you to come hang out!! You're soooo fun!

  2. HEY! I hear we're going to be in-laws someday :)

  3. BAAA haw I saw that!! They'd have the most scrap'ed wedding album EVER!! hahhah~~ Hey ya want me to bring the wig when i come... LOL