Thursday, June 11, 2009

Food ,Wine CARDS!!!!

OK first Card night of the summer! Yaaaa Whooooo!! Kinda on the fly. Started out being a family dinner but just kept growing until we had 20 people floating around the house. I even cooked, although I didn't eat it. Think the wine must have gotten in the way! Ü Hey did you know Wine is good for your blood?? My blood is HEALTHY!!

Here are Jack and I on the deck chillen.The smaller kids think he is Santa but we told them not to call him that cause he is on Vacation right now . LOL

Coke Machine and a few of the cousins had spent the day at the Spit and this is what he caught. I have NO idea what it is besides a fish!

Enjoying dinner on the deck.

Cupcake brought you guessed it CUPCAKES!! The Future Glitter Queen was sampling the frosting . She was just making sure it wasn't poison'es Iam sure!! Or maybe she has a future as a Frosting tester?

Here is some cheese and bacon dip in a bread bowl. yum.....

Can you believe that this poor "abused" child had NEVER I mean NEVER have a a SMORE!!?? I think that's breaking like 10 childhood laws of some kind!!!

Here's Long Legs helping the kids roast and toast!!

Kath and "Fuzzy Butt" getting their Smore ON!

Blake-A-Sores found out that a hot marshmellow in the mouth is much like eating FIRE!

Tink,Cupcake and Hydro doing what they do best. Texting and chatting!

Coke Machine and Yoshi after a hard afternoon of fishing !

The Hydro and Tink getting their X-box Live one! Must have been a good game!!

Big T and his daughter Shell Bell enjoying some pre-dinner snacks

Ya EVERYONE gets to wear a crown around here!!I am a good sharer!! ok ok I had my Rhinestone Crown on. Hey I was cooking I NEEDED the power!!!

A Toast to the start of the CARDS!!! Let the GAMES begin!!

Before all the name calling started.We are not competitive at all! OK I cant even type that with a straight face!Humm were was the rest of the card players they saw my camera and hid or maybe they were refilling wine glasses?

This would be my LAST quarter!!Man those "Damn Cheaters" took them ALL!!! You would think since I invited them over feed them plied them with wine they'd at least give me a Mercy win! But NOOOOO!!!(Oh check out how light it is behind me its after 11:00 at night when this was taken. Alaska in the summer kicks BUTT!! And the fact that it has to be 70 all dang day!)

Here are the happy winners notice I am NOT in the pic!! RUDE I say just RUDE!! Bea was a good egg and washed all the dishes so she gets a reprieve this time! We had a fun night and even raised a few bucks for Tinks Relay for Life team!


  1. Looks like a super fun night! I think it's hilarious that the kid that got his mouth burned eating the hot marshmallow is wearing a shirt that says "Warning: Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain"!!! LOL

  2. Imagine that them damn "cheatin old ladys" are the ones that won...looks like yall had a fun night


  3. I just love reading your blog ... great pictures - great sense of humor !!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I remember a night a lot like the one you described when I visited a few years ago! So fun! And I believe those sweet older ladies won then too! whatever....

  5. Hey i tell ya you gotta watch out for those 3 as they are way to good at taking my money ! ~~ Ak gal i never even noticed that tell you pointed it out I laughed my butt off!!