Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Quicky !

Hey we are one GOOOOOOD Looking family!! No?

We Had a barbecue on fathers day at my sisters house. Big T got the honors of being the Chef. Ok Ok we ALWAYS make him be the b-que Chef.
Getting there grub on!

Here is "Uhmpy" as the Future Glitter Queen calls him (totally sounds like grumpy when she says it!!)and Coke Machine haven a few snacks.

So what do you do when its pouring down rain ?? Well get in a water fight of course!

Big Al is always practicing her Safeway skills . (She is gonna kill me for that!)

Just to freaken cute for words!!

Dad was really digging his new shaver he got for fathers day. THANK GAWD it took me 2 days of searching the net to find this model. They only sell the dang thing in Canada WHAT EV!! Whats up with that?

On Saturday I had coffee with Kaki and Frankie . We had our self's a nice chat! Haven't seen Kaki FOREVER. Frankie still lives in Homer so i get to see her a bit more and have decided we NEED to take time to have coffee and chit chat. She was most excited to get some White Trash bread from Two Sisters this was her first visit . Come on White Trash that's funny!

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  1. White Trash bread?? explanation??

    Have a great vaca!