Thursday, June 4, 2009

A diffrent kind of CRABS!!

It was a late night of HARBOR Fishing last night and amongst the calm seas and quiet night we pulled up a pot with a new species of Crab...... (hum the Jaws music now) ........ AHHHHHHHHHHHHH its ALIVE!!!

OK OK its Big-T and Yoshi stuffed in a small crab pot.

Here we have the fine Crab that Tink caught. Just so you all know we do not keep these little Tanner Crab as they live in the Homer Harbor and are NASTY. But its just good fun to catch them and throw em back. She caught this one on a pole with some herring row.

EKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk its a COKE MACHINE in the pot! We found this pot on the dock . Hey ya gotta find your fun were ya can Ü

The boys have a little circle crab pot and had it out soaking, here is one of the Crabs they caught in it. The caught a butt load of them all female and loaded with eggs. Witch is a good sign for the crabs anyway.

Ahh man I took Took this one thinking an Eagle dumped a big one on Big-T but it was just fish slime.
Him and boys were getting bait soooo GROSS!

At the top of the ramp all summer long this little spot is filled with and I quote "HOT guys with no shirts" hauling halibut . So Tink NEEDED a pic before the guys show up. Oh and for my friend CD they are tanned muscular blonde's. Tink has good taste!

The boys were dumpster diving for bait Tink and I were taking pics with the only fish we saw all night!

Hey you NEED all these drinks to harbor fish ya know!

Tink and I Were walking the Small Boat Harbor and down one of the slips we saw across the Harbor one of my Dads Tug Boats. It looks so sad and rusty these days....

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  1. that all looks a lot more fun than we had today running errands in 90+ degree weather. I hate busy stores!!!!!