Monday, June 15, 2009

Relay 4 Life Homer 2009

It was Relay for Life Friday and Saturday.This is the first year Homer has had its own Relay. For years Ive been dragging my poor children to Soldotna for Relay. This year Tink headed up her own team !! TOTALLY TEENS. They put a great deal of time baking,making signs,planing and selling tickets and of course walking around the track. This group gets TWO huge THUMBS up from me!! You all ROCKED it!!!

Here is there campsite. Dang we didn't get a pic of the COOL sign they made in the back. But this ones cool too hey it had GLITTER people!!

The survivors before the first lap!

Totally Teens starting the first lap !

A.D.D. girl got throwen in the Crab Pot jail. To be cut loose you had to get people strolling by to bail you out.

Tink,Bubbles and Shell Bell taking a brief break.

A.D.D. Girl entertaining fellow walkers. She sang the national anthem for the opening too. She did a good job!! Her roady Hydro is also with her.

The good thing about walking in circles for hours on end is you can catch up on whats happened so far this summer.

Big T caught himself a ride at 1 in the am!

Blue Cup Cakes for prostrate cancer they also made pink ones. And some Rocky Road.Tink was selling it by saying its a OLD family recipe . LOL my mom will be proud.

The last of the raffle tickets ! Congrats to Kim the winner of I-Pod

The start of the quarters around the track.

I would also like to add how INCREDIBLY PROUD Iam of my daughter for taking this on and running with it! You did a wonderful job !! And I hope you always have room in your heart for other people and causes. I LOVE YOU Angel Girl!!


  1. I think Homer is passing up Unalaska as the fun town this summer!! You guys are awesome! All the events, camping, fishing! I'm jealous! What a cool teen my daughter-in-law to be Tink is!

  2. Yeah, what a really cool event! Looks like loads of fun!! And the teens are mega-cool for doing it!!