Saturday, June 27, 2009

The rest of thursday

Mopar Mike hooked up the Chi with this Hundey the funny part is that it was taped up on the mirror and it has a thought bubble that says Hi Tami!!

After running around town all day in the white shoes my feet were tired so i switched to the blue pair for the night. Lets just say I have now coined both pair the SHOES OF DOOOOOM!

The Moose and I headed off for dinner at our favorite Sushi restaurant. It is tucked away in this Marina.

Maybe not cut out for Alaskan waters .....

But hey this one is ON SALE!!! Who could pass up such a deal???

Myself I like this one with its festive little mini boat attached to it.

But of course I would. I have some GOOOOOD taste! POUT its not on sale the Moose said no! What EV!!

This my friends is a Pineapple Vodka Sake Martini ..... Insert SWEET JESUS and the parting of the clouds here! After 4 of these me feet hurt NO MORE!! so you see this was medicinal! Ü

This is Spicy Shrimp Tempura Moose orders it EVERY time . Its his fav

He thought he would give the Crab butter a try.
Well you Know i had to have sushi!! They make the BEST Spicy tuna roll EVER!!
This was my Seaweed salad YUM!

On the walk back to the hotel spotted a Jones Factory . My kids love this stuff.

OK next door to our hotel is this little bar and restaurant. And James here has been in it EVERY time we go in. He doesn't wanna talk about himself but "cant believe we don't know who he is" ,he hates money,and he likes his cocktails!! So the Moose named him James ...James Bond ...Lord my face still hurts from laughing

Here is Patty the king of kings !! He can whip up a Martini like nothing I've ever seen!!
TADAAA!!! We slipped in here for a couple before we called it a night. Plus James Bond was keeping us most entertained

See the view from our bar stool?? YES see people we do get our worship on!! BAHHH HAAA!

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